Sunday, July 23, 2006

FLATUS Show 55 - More New York

FLATUS Show 55 - More New York
In this episode: Special thanks to the following podcasts: Brian at Audio Attitude, Rebecca at Tranny Wreck Radio & Kiko at Visitronix Radio. They each have wonderful podcasts' and I just wanted to spread the word. I continue by talking about cubicles and children songs . I continue with musing over changes in the meaning of podcasting, since last year. I finish the show with audio I made during my trip to New York City. I recorded my thoughts about my experience of L'Esir at the MET and Sweeney Todd from May 20th. This and more.
The Flatus Show 55
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Key Words: Sweeney, Todd, change, Donizetti, L'Esir, hypnosis, kiko, visitronix, brian, audio attitude, Tranny Wreck, radio, vote, self, esteem, stories, mirror.

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