Monday, November 12, 2007

FLATUS Show 103 - Best chocolate cake

In this episode: Guten Tag! Flatus Show listeners. This show marks my second anniversary podcasting. Yeah! It features three Flatus segments: Brenda Starr, Cooking and Bible readings. Yeah! Interspersed throughout are tons of ukulele songs. I like this show and I hope you do. Please go over to iTunes and write a review for The Flatus Show. I thank you in advance. Phone me at 206 984-3617 and leave a voice comment. Come to my store and help support The Flatus Show. Tell your friends, this is the new media isn't it?. This and more. Please see the links below for topic information.

The Flatus Show 103

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Deep Flatus podcast
Chocolate cake recipe
Bored Beyond Belief podcast
For Whatever Reason podcast
Space suit
Mandrake Society Radio
What the UN has to say

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