Saturday, November 14, 2009

May Singhi Breen "The Ukulele Lady"

I just bought a copy of May Singhi Breens' "New Ukulele Method" from 1950. It is a revelation about the instrument. Her explanation of how chord fingerings are structured on the ukulele is methodical and scientific. It has opened a whole new avenue of how I now think about choosing a chord fingering. She also goes into great detail of how to play the ukulele as a solo instrument and provides many great arrangements to play, ranging from very easy to moderately difficult. But even the hardest to play is not outside the range of a devoted amateur.

When I think of all the method/chord books I've purchased, I feel I was cheated because May Singhi Breen had written the definitive book. Usually one assumes that knowledge progresses, but with ukulele method books, there was a certain regression. If you want to understand how to play the ukulele well find this book. It really should be every ukulele students main text book. I wonder if I can get the rights to republish it?


Anonymous said...

Please send me an e-mail. I am the great grandson of May.

Anonymous said...

Send me an e-mail. I am May's great grandson.