Saturday, February 05, 2011

FLATUS Show 269 - Eternal dews come down in drops***828-FLATUS8***

In this episode: Hello! Flatus Show listeners. Free will or not? I talk a little about that, but really suggest you go listen to Conversations from a Pale Blue Dot podcast. I have some phone calls and I talk about this and that as I drink seltzer water. I also got an iPhone so if you have one we can have FACETIME together! or email me any time and I can respond most of the time. Finally, Brenda Starr has come to an end as the Chicago Tribune has decided to put the kibosh on it. I am sad, but life goes on. There is also some good news, which is better than jesus. The Hermes press is going to publish the original Brenda Starr comics. The first volume comes out in June and you know I already have my paws on one. If you have any questions, or comments leave them on the blog or call me at 206-984-3617. Enjoy and thanks so much for listening.
The Flatus Show 269
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for another wonderful installment! I am hoping Marvin will come clean about why he and I have so much tension, but I promised not to tell and I keep my word.


Peterson Toscano said...

Ooo, JR, do dish. I'm always looking for dirt to rub in Marvin's face.

Anonymous said...

I am not able to discuss, I am honorably (a secret word for financially) committed to keep my word. Im sorry and it is the dish of the century but alas I am unable to share.

- JR

PS your one adorable looking Quaker. I'm glad they didn't chase away your gay!

Peterson Toscano said...

JR, Well, you sure know how to charm a "Friend."

Regarding Marvin and the fabulously scandalous dirt you have on him, I'm just going to have to get him drunk in the Spirit and see what comes out of his mouth. Typically it is unknown tongues, but I might get lucky.

Kalvin said...

Kentie! You never told us how they acted differently. I think free will is a silly notion. One you live with by virtue of being conscious, but ultimately false like many of our seemingly true experiences. I'm telling you, you would love the brain and the meaning of life. I saw some study on line where they exposed people to things suggesting there was no free will and then people acted more antisocial. This is stupid and false. These people didn't necessarily not believe in free will, and lots of people I know go bat shit crazy when you tell them there is no free will. Every experiment I've seen on this subject is ridiculous. Maybe this one was different? I'll be curious to know what happens when Brenda listens to the music.

As to leather, I think meat consumption is far worse than leather. In fact, I find it hilarious that all these stars do these fur campaigns and then will eat any sort of meat. So inconsistent. Then again, I'm inconsistent, and maybe we should all work towards things and just push towards the positive instead of being binary as most religions would have you believe.

So excited that you're becoming a kink queen. Chocolatey!

Mark in Canada said...

I think you should consider a trip to Vancouver BC during your west coast trip. It's fairly close to Seattle. Of course, I'd also love to meet you.

Kentie said...

That's possible. I'll have to check the schedule. I'll be in the Portland area mostly.