Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jose the Poodle

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Kentie said...

Hi, Kentie:

I must apologize for not writing you before the second week since Jose’s shopping trip to Bloomingdale's. I’ve been in somewhat of a grieving and reflecting period myself – I guess it’s often that way when we loose celebrity figures that have touched our lives in some special way.

And it was perhaps through this realization that I stumbled upon an epiphany, in that there are two measures of celebrity, one being the celebrity of the family whereby families and circles of friends, both large and small, rely upon and are inspired by certain key persons within their sphere-of-influence. The second measure is no more important than the first, but is unique in that the celebrity is often able to touch people’s lives with whom they’ve never directly met.

Jose the Poodle was that kind of celebrity – some personalities are simply too explosive – are too dynamically expressive to remain family-only celebrities.

It was because of The Flatus Show that Jose was able to expand his circle of influence in a way that his fans will love and cherish in their special memories for the rest of their lives, until they finally depart on their own proverbial shopping trips in reconciliation with those before them. And it should be noted your role in facilitating the vehicle that took Jose to a position of such importance, as to become not only a part of your family, but unto the entertainment world at large. I thank you for that – as I’m sure does Jose. Through this, he shall live forever.

Christin "Oblivion" Richard,
Flatus Show Enthusiast
Dallas, Texas