Monday, July 05, 2010

FLATUS Show 239 - The REAL story behind the American Declaration of Independence***206-984-3617***

In this episode: Hello! Flatus Show listeners. The weekend just finished and I have this extra day. The Rockport Fourth of July parade was the best it's been in years. Gianni and I had friends and family over for a cookout before watching the show. Since our house is right along the parade route we have excellent seats. That is if SOME people didn't move our chairs. I mean, what gall! However, we pushed back and reclaimed what was rightfully ours. Besides we had two elderly women in our group which needed the pear tree shade more than the youngins'. I am reading a Harlequin Romance novel called "Cowboy Time". It is the perfect summer reading. It makes me feel so trashy. I am also reading a Hawthhorne novel. It is his last novel called "Septimus Felton". It is pretty good and obscure - the way I like it. I found a new source for reading Brenda Starr online. If you have any questions, or comments leave them on the blog or call me at 206-984-3617. Enjoy and thanks so much for listening.
The Flatus Show 239
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1 comment:

Kalv1n said...

Really enjoyed the show. Did you say that the yoga words sound like Mellie? Or was that Nelly? What was that california stuff. Plus, that Brenda Star ending was crappy. That's it? Well, just my opinion. Did you have salmon and peas on Sunday? I haven't heard much about the gay agenda lately. I found wat you said about Christian's interesting because they think that atheists don't care about the future. What does it matter if I sin if there is no afterlife? Why should I not have anal sex if there is no hell? Whereas I think we think the Christians are thinking, who cares if thw middle east is a disaster, jesus is coming. Who cares if people are in sweatshops, jesus will male it all right, who cares if the planet is polluted, jesus told me to have babies! Good show, and are you certain about Berlin? And I liked the song.