Sunday, October 31, 2010

FLATUS Show 255 - Ball***828-FLATUS8***

In this episode: Hello! Flatus Show listeners. This week I talk about Halloween and Wallis Simpson among other subjects. Also, go check out The Smellcast. I also have been cast in the role of Thurio in the Fall 2010 production of "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" by William Shakespeare which will be performed the Thursday through Sunday before Thanksgiving. Yeah! I have a new phone number (828) FLATUS8! Doesn't that rock! I found a new source for reading Brenda Starr online. If you have any questions, or comments leave them on the blog or call me at 206-984-3617. Enjoy and thanks ever so much for listening.
The Flatus Show 255
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Joe G. said...

I forgot about the use of the word "balled" to mean "fucked". Oh, those were the days...

More movie clips please...

PS: I don't see "Devils X5" in the list of movies from the link to Drive-In Cult Classics - 8 Movie Set

Kentie said...

The movie is on
href="">Chilling Classics.
The Drive in Movie set has Malibu High and The Teacher. The Teacher features Jay North and he is seduced by his teacher. Malibu High is like Female Troubles. It is a GREAT set of movies!

Joe G. said...

I could have used this for my scary movie for a day during October! :) Thanks, Ken!