Sunday, January 30, 2011

FLATUS Show 268 - It's our turn or blood clots and miracle fish***828-FLATUS8***

In this episode: Hello! Flatus Show listeners. This week two people died who were important to me. I didn't know them personally but I knew their work and was infected with their enthusiasm and honesty. With their passing I think about current leaders? Maybe I ought to start thinking about leadership so I can pass on what I've been fortunate of acquiring and what I think is worthy for our collective culture. I also got an iPhone so if you have one we can have FACETIME together! or email me any time and I can respond most of the time. Finally, Brenda Starr has come to an end as the Chicago Tribune has decided to put the kibosh on it. I am sad, but life goes on. There is also some good news, which is better than jesus. The Hermes press is going to publish the original Brenda Starr comics. The first volume comes out in June and you know I already have my paws on one. If you have any questions, or comments leave them on the blog or call me at 206-984-3617. Enjoy and thanks so much for listening.
The Flatus Show 268
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Peterson Toscano said...

I found the music arresting. Really, do your neighbors call the cops when you play some of it?

Ah, the Hallelujah Chorus never sounded so glorious. Thank you, JR, for the added commentary.

Kentie, thank you for your words on Jack LaLane.

Anonymous said...

I spit diet grapefruit soda (for my diet) through my nose when you said "even if you smile at a Christmas tree..." From here on out when people ask about my religious beliefs I will respond "well I smile at Christmas trees" and leave it at that.


Kalv1n said...

That's too bad about all the death in your life. You need a sort of firebird moment it seems. I don't see why drinking blood is so odd. I mean meat is just a cadaver of an animal. Why let the blood go to waste? Respect the animals and drink blood. Maybe that's why Jack went vegan. I never knew Russian's feared social workers. I wonder if Vlad saw that Russian movie, 'you i love'. I think in some ways your right about the Xtian bit. I personally don't care for the bible and honestly find it more to be an example that the more cruel, ruthless and unethical you are, the more likely your religion will be around still (mass genocides, xenophobia, sexism, all concentrate power nicely keeping it away from destabilization). Besides whatever good Jesus did was by far undone by Paul and others of that ilk. In some ways I think it is important to identify as something other than. Just like even though knowing I grew up Mormon is a very pregnant piece of information, it in no way is something I would hold up as a system of ethics for anyone to follow. That's why I'm an secular humanist.

Anonymous said...


I'm catching up on Kentie's eps and Vlad's reference to social workers is meant for me as I am a social worker, the social worker that finally diagnosed Peterson Toscano (Vlad's alter ego) as a multiple personality disorder. Mind you, psychiatry no longer uses the diagnosis anymore, but there are always exceptions (i.e. Peterson)...

Joe G.