Sunday, March 04, 2012

FLATUS Show 316 - Mr. Snowbound 2012***206-984-3617***

In this episode: Hello! Flatus Show listeners. In this episode I talk about winning the Mr. Snowbound 2012 title and the topic is eternity. Closets will premiere the second week of March 2012. Come to Cape Ann to watch me and support the theater company. Call my number and tell me you love me. I am looking for other recorder pervs with which to play music, so contact me if your are on the North Shore. Check out for exciting recipes. I have an iPhone so if you have one, we can have FACETIME together! If you have any questions, or comments leave them on the blog, email me at or call me at 206-984-3617. Enjoy and thank you for listening.
The Flatus Show 316
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Drive-In Cult Classics - 8 Movie Set at about $4 bucks! Wow! And it includes "Malibu High"!
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Mark in Canada said...

It seems like people say, "I'm a Christian" or "I'm a Muslim" meaning that they are a good, moral person. However, they are also unwittingly attaching themselves to all the past and present abuses committed by other members of these religions. So I don't think identifying with a religion is a great idea unless someone really means it and supports all of those abuses. That's why I don't understand gay Christians. Christianity has done little but try to oppress homos. Why try to cozy up to them? It makes no sense to me. Thanks for another thoughtful episode!

Kentie said...

Thanks St. Mark! I agree and it is my pleasure to do the podcast. Glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken. I've adored this series of conversations between you and Joe G. Please continue with the excellent podcasting!