Sunday, January 23, 2011

FLATUS Show 267 - God loves abominations, in fact he wraps his Presence in it***828-FLATUS8***

In this episode: Hello! Flatus Show listeners. This week I talk about helping the F.L.A.G. group with photo day at the Ramrod. Jim the photographer also took a couple photos of me in some leather gloves. I'll share them with you when I get them back. I also got an iPhone so if you have one we can have FACETIME together! or email me any time and I can respond most of the time. Also, I have a new second phone number (828) FLATUS8! Doesn't that rock!, but the old one works too, so you can use that as well. Finally, Brenda Starr has come to an end as the Chicago Tribune has decided to put the kibosh on it. I am sad, but life goes on. There is also some good news, which is better than jesus. The Hermes press is going to publish the original Brenda Starr comics. The first volume comes out in June and you know I already have my paws on one. If you have any questions, or comments leave them on the blog or call me at 206-984-3617. Enjoy and thanks so much for listening.
The Flatus Show 267
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Kalvin said...

How fun to hear Joe G. And I just adore Vlad. He sounds so dreamy! And I'm so glad he took the right message from your making a chocolate cake on MLK day. :)

As to the had medjool dates, zante currants, sultanas. I candied sour cherries, pineapple, buddha's hand, meyer lemons, eureka lemons and pineapple guavas. The nuts were black walnuts. I soaked it all in dark rum. There was sugar and blackstrap molasses, flour, uh, baking soda. It was sort of my adaptation of a recipe from an old gourmet magazine. And I aged it for a while with Brandy...I realize fruitcake is not for everyone, and I appreciate your trying it.

I really enjoyed the seacows stuff. The OT is so crazy. Fun to hear from Marvin too. Jehova is so funny, and awful! Don't make any treaties. Kill everyone! What a real winner, and jealous too! I'm so happy we've patterned our society on this.

More open about your adoration of leather garments? So interesting to hear you going to the Ramrod. I can't believe you didn't to stay to hang out with the leatherpeople (I'm sorry but saying leathermen is sexist). It sounds like the photoshoot was pretty tame. I would have thought there would at least be someone doing puppy play or something. I suppose most people don't do anything too outre for portraits. Well, maybe they do. Not sure. It was nice of you to go down and help with the photos.

CCF and JRF said...

Well of course I had to respond... I left a message on the Flatus phone line for Marvin.

Loved the show as always and thanks for the beeblay edgjew kay!

JR > Neither a he or a she