Sunday, August 16, 2009

FLATUS Show 196 - Watch the bridges ***206-984-3617***

In this episode: Padioxei! Flatus Show listeners. This week I have a Brenda Starr ! This week I talk about knowing your narrative. So get to it! It seems that JM of UTT is becoming an atheist unknown to herself. But she will in 3 years. The Gay Agenda is moving along smoothly. We just too over power in Iceland and Denmark will fall this coming October. Next Spring Saudi Arabia is scheduled to be taken over. Believe me, when we get there, there will be a few changes, I can tell you. For new listeners, don't judge me on one episode, if you want to know me better and get a full understanding of what I am about, listen to several episodes. If you have any questions, or comments leave them on the blog or call me at 206-984-3617. Enjoy and thanks so much for listening. THE PHONES CALLS ARE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION for this podcast.
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