Sunday, March 20, 2011

FLATUS Show 274 - fish gods and modern method exorcism***206-984-3617***

In this episode: Hello! Flatus Show listeners. This past week my aunt died and I have a memorial segment for her. I talk about recorders, demon possession and coconut cake. You can hear it on this episode, though I can tell you I will be making changes. Checkout for exciting recipes. I got an iPhone so if you have one we can have FACETIME together! or email me any time and I can respond most of the time. If you have any questions, or comments leave them on the blog or call me at 206-984-3617. Enjoy and thanks so much for listening.
The Flatus Show 274
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1 comment:

Kalv1n said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt. The mere thought of two thanksgiving dinners really makes me ill. I'm inclined to believe that Jesus is not based on any true historical person. Ugh, so over Israel. The way Israel gets portrayed by zionists is utterly disgusting and obviously false. I liked the exorcism bit. Sexy. I'm also glad to know how to cure cancer.